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Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper

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A powerful, yet subtle, natural fusion of Red Jasper and Hematite that combines the nurturing energies of Jasper with the stabilizing energies of Hematite. This is a crystal capable of strengthening one's desire to experience new things. It's felt to help achieve inner harmony, as well as inspire creativity & imaginative depth.

One of the greatest and most effective stones for the Root, and by proximity, Sacral chakras. This is sure to aid anyone in need of more grounding, a greater sense of control, and stability. Red Jasper has long been considered a stone for fertility, but don't let that put you off of it if that's not your desired outcome! We only get out of our crystals what we most want or need.

*Suggested meanings & representations are spiritual in origin and not suggested to replace medical therapy

*Size and color may vary stone to stone

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