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Copper Sphere - Large

Copper Sphere - Large

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Copper is considered a great amplifier of energy. You'll often see it wrapped around crystals to enhance their efficacy as well as their field of operation. The many other crystals that grow with and from Copper are also regarded as more intense & effective stones for their various purposes, often carrying with them higher value.
Copper's value as a healing metal dates back AT LEAST 2,600 years according to the oldest medical texts that have been found, but it may even extend beyond that. All those centuries ago, it was used to sterilize water and wounds as well as to aid recovery from surgical procedures.
Nowadays, Copper sees tremendous use for its ability to enhance circulation throughout the body and ease arthritis pain.
Within the metaphysical & spiritual communities, Copper is used for its ability to make us more receptive to positive energy & to purge lingering negativity from ones aura or individual chakras. You'll often see it placed in crystal gridding to enhance the energy of the other crystals in the grid.
In unison with a stone like Clear Quartz or Fluorite, you'd have a powerful combination of crystals to clear, open, and supercharge your chakras to keep their energy flowing optimally!

*Suggested meanings & representations are spiritual in origin and not suggested to replace medical therapy

*Size and color may vary stone to stone

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