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Lapis Lazuli - Tumbled, Small

Lapis Lazuli - Tumbled, Small

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The Wisdom Stone

Lapis Lazuli has a deeply embedded history regarding its spiritual uses. In Ancient Egypt, it decorated temples, was crafted into jewelry, and was even ground up to be used as makeup. Priests worked with this stone to invoke prophetic visions and wisdom.

Today it's still used to serve the same intuitive purposes, heightening our sense of awareness, knowingness, and providing confidence in what our gut tells us about certain people and situations.

Outside of that, Lapis is a great stone for the Throat chakra, strengthening our voice and helping us to better communicate our thoughts and ideas. It's often brought along for interviews, public speaking events, or simply to help us get a particular message across to a loved one.

Lapis Lazuli almost always has sparkly inclusions of Pyrite throughout, often looking like glittery river flows. This makes it a great defensive crystal where energy protection is concerned, as well as adding onto the confidence building aspect of things. Pyrite is a well-established crystal for financial growth and prosperity, so in working with Lapis Lazuli, you're really gaining a lot of benefits!

This is a must have for those looking to strengthen their intuition, their speaking skills, their sense of confidence, and their presentation of divine wisdom to others. Experienced readers and beginners alike can benefit from working with Lapis Lazuli and drawing on its mysterious well of knowledge.

*Suggested meanings & representations are spiritual in origin and not suggested to replace medical therapy

*Size and color may vary stone to stone
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