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Lepidolite - Tumbled

Lepidolite - Tumbled

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Lepidolite is one of the ultimate soothing crystals for our mental state. It contains the highest amount of Lithium of any stone found today, the same substance used in many mood stabilizing medications. It makes sense then that this is a frequently chosen crystal to sleep with beneath one's pillow as it relaxes the mind enough to drift off. Some people meditate with Lepidolite prior to sleep to promote lucid dreams and better dream recall upon waking. Wearing or carrying a piece throughout the day is believed to make us more resistant to mood changes stemming from our environment and other people we encounter.

Lepidolite resonates with the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown chakras. It's other name is "The Grandma Stone" as it's said to provide soothing comfort through life's many transitions.

*Suggested meanings & representations are spiritual in origin and not suggested to replace medical therapy

*Size and color may vary stone to stone

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