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Peach Aventurine

Peach Aventurine

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Aventurines come in just about every color of the rainbow. This peach colored variety is especially effective in stimulating our Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, two that feed greatly off of each other's healthy energy production.
Peach Aventurine is felt to have a positive effect on our thoughts, promoting optimism, excitement, and a positive view of life. It quiets critical voices and self-doubt, bolstering self-empowerment to push you forward in life.

This crystal is all about an upbeat, can-do attitude and is a great energizer to help get things accomplished! In its ability to work on the Sacral chakra, it's sure to have your creativity flowing and providing you with new ideas - in its ability to work on the Solar Plexus chakra, it's sure to keep you focused and forward-thinking, pushing you toward your goals.

*Suggested meanings & representations are spiritual in origin and not suggested to replace medical therapy

*Size and color may vary stone to stone

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