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Scolecite - Tumbled

Scolecite - Tumbled

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For those looking to find a sense of calm & serenity within their heart and mind, Scolecite is a great option. It's a higher frequency stone that resonates particularly with our Crown chakra, the energy center responsible for our sense of connection with higher beings, the Universe as a whole, and our sense of faith within it!
It also is felt to provide emotional calm and activate our Heart chakra so that we're exuding healthy, loving energies and attracting them as a result. We're better able to open ourselves to, express, and accept love.
Scolecite helps us to look at the bigger picture and not feel isolated from the rest of the world. It strengthens the Universal connection we all share to promote a feeling of oneness.

*Suggested meanings & representations are spiritual in origin and not suggested to replace medical therapy

*Size and color may vary stone to stone

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